Drug Rape

Stay Healthy
If you're a woman and you use drugs, there are a few simple things you should do to help you stay healthy. Some women find that their periods become heavier or irregular or may even stop when using drugs. This is particularly the case if you suffer weight changes. There is also some evidence that suggests that heroin can affect the brain and ovaries resulting in disrupted hormonal patterns. If your periods do stop, it doesn't mean that you can't get pregnant so, if you're having sex, it's vital you continue to use contraception while using drugs.

You must consider the fact that, if you're using drugs when pregnant, you increase the chances of damaging your baby. Therefore, it's better not to use drugs, if at all possible, if you believe there is any chance of getting pregnant.

Watch out if you are breast feeding, you could pass on any drugs you are taking to your baby in breast milk.

Drug Rape
Recent media coverage has highlighted the issue of drug or "date" rape in Northern Ireland and although we don't wish to create unnecessary alarm, this advice has been provided to alert you to some safety measures, which can minimise drug related sexual assault. It is important to be aware of this threat and the steps required to help protect yourself from rape. It should be noted that this advice applies to both female and male students, as men have been victims of this abuse in the past.

General Advice:~
  • Plan your journey to and from home
  • Avoid going to a club, pub or party alone
  • Make sure somebody knows where you are going and what time you will be home.
  • Stay aware of what is happening around you and avoid situations that you don't feel comfortable with.

  • Partying:~

  • Don't accept a drink from anyone you don't trust.
  • Don't share or exchange drinks.
  • Don't leave your drink unattended, even when going to the toilet - get a person you trust to watch your drink.
  • Don't take drinks from large open containers, such as punch bowls.
  • If you are engaged in a conversation where your attention might be averted, put your hand over your drink.
  • Remember that these drugs dissolve in non-alcoholic drinks as well.
  • If you begin to feel drunk after only a few drinks, seek help from a trusted friend or club/pub management.
  • Consider carefully whether to leave a pub, club or party with somebody you have just met.
  • Be a friend by watching out for others and be aware of any changes in their behaviour.

  • We are for banning adult cable TV channels. Here content for adults (18+).
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