If someone is unconscious but still breathing and their heart is still beating... immediately dial 999 and call an ambulance, saying that you think alcohol or drugs might be involved. Put them into the recovery position on their side. If they are not breathing check their throat is not blocked; remove all foreign materials from their mouth. If they start breathing put them in the recovery position. Do not attempt basic life support procedures (such as mouth to mouth resuscitation) unless you have been trained to do so.

If someone becomes ill after dancing and may have taken ecstacy... they may be experiencing heat stroke. They become very red and hot but do not sweat, they may feel sick and confused. Heat stroke can be very dangerous. Take them to a cool, quiet place and encourage them to drink a non fizzy soft drink. On no account give them coffee or any drinks that contain caffeine, as this will increase the effect of the drug. Call an ambulance. Keep them cool, by fanning them or pouring cool water over them until they reach normal body temperature. DO NOT let them become chilled, cover them if necessary.

If someone has a panic attack... be calm, reassure them, take them to a cool, quiet place and give them a few sips of water - nothing else. If there is no improvement in 5 to 10 minutes call an ambulance.

Remember when in doubt call an ambulance. Calling an ambulance does not summon the police unless you say you need police assistance.

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